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General Discussion / Introduction
« Last post by kanikune on December 19, 2013, 10:08:32 PM »
I became interested of watches when I was reaching my 30th birthday and I wanted something special for me.
-Well, I ended up getting a mechanical watch and in the process I decided I am going to service it by myself.
So, here I am, reaching for that goal.
I started this forum, because I think I'm not the only one interested fixing my own piece. It's not impossible - though it's not easy either.

The main purpose for this forum is to provide easy access to various techniques needed in the watch overhaul/repair process.
While I've been dealing with watches, I've hoarded some watch utilities. These will be up for grasps in the near future.

What's you story?

General Discussion / Adding Pictures
« Last post by kanikune on December 19, 2013, 09:18:28 PM »
You can upload pictures to the forum, but all of them will be resized to 800x600 resolution (at max).

If you want to present very detailed pictures, use 3rd party photo storage, like photopucket, etc.
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