Author Topic: Service: Rolex Airking ref. 5500 cal. 1520  (Read 571 times)


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Service: Rolex Airking ref. 5500 cal. 1520
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:14:12 PM »
Rolex with loose bezel and wobbly rotor came to service.

Loose rotor have made a small noticeable circle on to the auto bridge. In certified Rolex service this gets expensive as the whole bridge would be replaced.

First I repair the autowinding bridge.

Basic autowinding construction. Rotor turns small wheel. Two ratchet wheels makes the barrel driving wheel turn which ever direction the rotor turns.

The autowinding mechanism have been operating dry for some time, as the there is noticeable red dust next to lower rotor jewel and the rotor axle is worn. New axle and jewel is needed.

After the wait, the spares arrive.

First I break the old post with the method that doesn't open the rotor opening at all.

Then I just riveted the new post back in.

The jewel was replaced and the rotor wobble is gone.

Next the case was disassembled and cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner.

Movement cleaned.

New mainspring was fitted.

Hacking lever and the barrel in place.

Going train. Barrel jewel is inforced brass bushing. When this wears, a jewel is normally fitted.

Train bridge was drops into it's position.

Cannon pinion was driven in.

Crown wheel and the ratchet wheel.

Pallet and the balance wheel was fitted.

Initial readings.

Assembly of the autowinding bridge.

Ready to be put to the movement.

Second hand arbor and it's driving wheel.

Then the keyless works was assembled.

Ready for the dial.

Dial and the hands installed.

Movement cased.

After casing and minor adjustments. Still ticking at 6 seconds 6 position delta.

Ready to serve.