Author Topic: Service: Fortis Automatic GMT 596.10.148 cal. ETA 2893-2  (Read 488 times)


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Service: Fortis Automatic GMT 596.10.148 cal. ETA 2893-2
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:40:46 PM »
This Fortis came to a service with minor damages. Lume was missing from the hour hand and cracked from the minute hand, GMT hand quick set was jamming and the spring bar was missing from the bracelet.

The "modern" ETA caliber is very familiar to others, big bearing for the rotor, especially.

As the caliber has GMT option, few wheels are added into the dial side. The GMT wheel sits on top of hour wheel and transmission wheel for these is also a clutch wheel. When GMT hand is advanced, the hand always advances in steps, because of the notches in the transmission wheel. Same quickset driving wheel drives both GMT and date quick set.

The small wheel just before quickset driving wheel was missing few teeth, causing quickset to jam.

Caliber in pieces.

And washed up.

Rest of the movement is very standard ETA. Keyless works..

New mainspring..

Barrel and 2nd wheel placed.

Barrel bridge getting assembled. The gear ratio makes hand wind almost undetectable.

Barrel bridge placed.

Going train.

Ticking again.

Initial readings.

Dial side got far before I noticed to take a picture.

Autowinding module getting assembled.

One ratchet wheel makes this movement to autowind only to one direction.

Automodule assembled.

Movement cased.

Autowinding module added.

New luminous compound was added to the hands.
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