Author Topic: Service: Rolex Submariner 14060 cal. 3000  (Read 794 times)


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Service: Rolex Submariner 14060 cal. 3000
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:25:23 PM »
Sub came to service.

Inside is the caliber 3000.

First the autowinding module comes off.

Everything is as should be. Shock protection with escape wheel doesn't come as a shock.

Dial side. Large hour wheel makes hand relation more robust.

Under the barrel wheel some dried grease. Service is due indeed.

Balance wheel comes off. Same finishing continues in all levels.

Some thought should be put into this caliber. Barrel drives directly the center pinion. Cannon pinion attaches directly to the center pinion. So hours and minutes are driven from here. But seconds are driven through normal going train and 4th wheel.
What this achieves is second hand is more resistant to forces caused by manual time setting.

Center pinion on the dial side.
Nice little detail is a stone inside the center pinion to support 4th wheel. This gives second hand less side shake and less friction on to the going train.

This one is nice detail too, though somewhat more common in other movements. Autowinding pushes the intermediate crown wheel away. This makes autowinding more efficient and less wear occurs over long period of time.

Notice the hacking lever.

Hacking lever better visible. Hacking lever attaches directly into the setting lever.

New mainspring is ordered.

Washed up.

Hacking lever.

New mainspring.

Necessary unfocused picture.

Barrel bridge and center pinion assembled.

Cannon pinion attached.

Keyless works. Setting lever is secured by own cover.

Keyless works ready.

Going train.

Manual wind components.

Initial readings.

Waiting for the hands.

Autowinding module. Very similar construction to compared to old Rolex auto-movements.

In the picture the wheel that attaches on the end of the rotor axle is missing. This is not held by anything but when autowinding module is attached into the movement, movement supports that wheel in place.

Movement cased

Rolex waterproof tested and ready.