Author Topic: Service: Leijona cal. AS1130  (Read 2282 times)


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Service: Leijona cal. AS1130
« on: August 30, 2014, 12:05:54 PM »
Another example of finnish watch history.
Leijona "Lion", mechanical watch, which seems to be very close to NOS state. Externally movement is in really good condition and initial readings from timegrapher with over 270 degree horizontal amplitude suggest that no service is needed. Closer inspection proves otherwise..

Dial and hands come off.

Grease has been used

Movement is dry. Lack of lubrication has caused convex balance jewels to wear and these need to be replaced. It would be nice to know, how fast wear occurs in balance jewels if there is no lubrication present.

Grease to be found under barrel wheel.

Ready for the cleaning.

After cleaning I start with the barrel with new mainspring.

I've come to notice that not every time you need to start from the crown.

Train wheels nicely in line.

Train bridge back where it belongs.

Barrel bridge supports setting lever screw, so it needs to be placed before putting back the barrel bridge. After this the setting lever is nicer to screw back.

Escape wheel has cap jewel, which gets some 9010.

Barrel wheel and crown wheel.

Keyless works.

Little bit of 8300 under the cannon pinion and installation with jewelling tool.


Initial readings.

Some new perspective. Hand clearance needs to be inspected in this phase rather that when the whole thing is cased.

Service was needed. By replacing convex balance jewels the positional 6 position delta dropped from 58 seconds to 22 seconds. 5 position delta became 18 seconds, meaning nicely solid performance for this watch.