Author Topic: Service: Tudor Tiger Hydronaut ref. 89190A cal.2824-2.  (Read 3598 times)


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Service: Tudor Tiger Hydronaut ref. 89190A cal.2824-2.
« on: December 11, 2014, 06:30:31 PM »
Once again I had a pleasure to service a Tudor. Inside there is chronometer ETA 2824-2.

Watch has very nice pearl dial, which is little bit challenging to capture.

difference  to 2834-2 seems to be more simple date changer structure, which snaps the date ring sharply too, though.

First I removed the date parts from the dial side. Service is indeed in order. Even though watch runs nicely in all 6 positions, amplitude is little bit lower than expected and balance jewels seem all dry. Only hint of remains of the old can be spotted. This model has 7 mm Daytona-sized crown which is quite big related to the movement!

Here barrel wheel, crown wheel, balance and pallet removed. The click spring mechanism has lot of variations in ETAs.

Barrel and hacking lever visible.

Before washing cycle balance jewels off and pegging the jewels. I also remove rotor bearing and old gasket from the crown.

All washed up.

I start from the crown.

Keyless works before the bridge. Setting lever bridge has two springs integrated into the part. Other spring forces yoke towards crown and the other forces setting lever to snap into positions.

Setting lever bridge.

Going train.

New barrel complete.

Click spring back in position.

After installing pallet and balance I can read the initial readings. Seems good.

One more dial shot.

After reinserting hands back to the casing.

Old gaskets piled up and new ones in places. This is triplock system. One o-ring is outside the crown tube. Inside the crown is one o-ring and inside the crown tube there are two o-rings!

New rotor bearing.

And the watch itself.

6 position delta settled at 6 seconds which is very nice Tudor behavior. In all positions amplitude gets over 270 degrees. Very nice.