Author Topic: Service: Omega 19 LB T1 "24h Dial"  (Read 2817 times)


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Service: Omega 19 LB T1 "24h Dial"
« on: January 26, 2015, 01:00:29 AM »
I got this Omega pocket watch for service with broken balance staff. Broken balance staff is easy to notice. Vertical play in balance and no ticking is a good giveaway.

New balance staff installed.

Initial testing without the hairspring.

More testing without pallet and the regulator.

Then I installed the hairspring. Next it's up for seek for beat.

Small movement holder enough to hold balance is a good place to adjust collet (to adjust beat).

Beat is in center, when roller pin is in the middle of the line drawn between balance staff center and escapement wheel center.

After completion of new balance staff, dismantling begins. In this model the jewels are in held in by old, rubbed-in technique. Thin slice of metal is rubbed over the jewel to hold it in place. Fortunately all the jewels were in good condition.

Not so good dismantling order. The balance with bridge still in there.

Ready for clean up, as the barrel is finished.

Old mainspring was weird..

..and came off the barrel in pieces.

New mainspring.

I replaced the oiled regulator while the cock was in the mainplate.

Going train.

Train bridge.

Keyless works. The above spring only holds the stem separated from setting lever, when the setting lever screw is loosened.
This means that the only function for that spring is to make service easier!

Keyless works assembled. Different structure, as the intermediate wheel is attached to yoke. Here in the time setting position.

.. and here in winding position.

Anchor goes back in.

Ticking is on again.

Normally dials only have two feet. This one has three.

Ready to receive the dial. Notice the big hour wheel.

Big hour wheel is for the 24h-dial, of course.

Very nice performance for old pocket watch.